The ideal scenario used to be the ability and funds to go to the movie theater every week to see all the latest box office hits in their best possible form. Although there will always be a special allure of a movie theater and that fresh butter popcorn smell that is seemingly impossible to replicate, but today it is becoming more and more popular to invest money in a home theater instead of going out to the movie theater every week.

There are a lot of pros to having a great home theater instead of going out to a movie theater. Firstly, there is no need to deal with waiting in line. Second, there is never a rush to get their early to get the best seat in the house. Third, there is never the regret of spending too much money on concessions. Additionally, during the upcoming cold weather months, there is no need to ever step out into the cold and worry if the car will start and get to the movie theater. All of the reasons are more than enough to put a home theater way above a trip to the movie theater.

However, creating a movie theater at home is no small task. Building a home theater can be expensive and difficult to maintain. There are always ways to create a home theater that will work within any budget, home and time frame. Here are some ways to create a home theater that will make everyone jealous.

Decide what is Most Important in a Home Theater

Everyone has different ideas of what the perfect home theater is. Some people think that it is all about the picture quality, and others think that a pounding sound system is essential. A person needs to determine which things are most important before making any plans for a home theater. Therefore, a person can spend more money and time on those things that are most important and save money and time on the things that are less important.

How To Create A Home Theater That Will Make Everyone Jealous

Find a Big Screen that will Dazzle

A home theater screen needs to rival a movie theater big screen. Although it is not realistic for most people to have a screen that size in their homes, there are some ways to get a big and dazzling screen in a home theater. More expensive options include a big flat screen TVs, but the screen will have to be at least 70” to impress anyone. Less expensive options include projectors that provide a big screen, but can lose picture quality compared to TV screens.

Add Surround Sound to Fill the Room

Sound is the next step in the home theater realm. Sound should fill the room, but should not be so overwhelming that is distracts from the film. Every home theater should at least have a sub and a sound bar. Additions include extra speakers to surround the seating area. Wireless options today are the best for creating a sleek and clean home theater.

Finish with the Most Comfortable Seating

The last essential for a home theater is seating. This is where home theaters really rank above a conventional movie theater, because the seating options are not limited. Stadium seats that recline are great for an authentic movie theater feel, but more comfortable options can be utilized, like plush recliners, sectional couches and even cautioned floor pillows. A person should choose the option that they prefer, and also options that will please their common guests and be easily adapted.

Add the Finishing Touches

The second biggest pro about a home theater over a movie theater is the ability for a person to adapt the space to their personal preferences and their tastes. This means that everything in the home theater can be changed and adapted to meet the needs and desires of the person designing it. A person should include all of their favorite items in their home theater. This can range from picking their favorite colors for the walls to having the best collection of their favorite movies. No matter what, a wide selection of movies and TV shows is a must. Check out Time Warner Cable packages to ensure that the home theater has the best selection for the best price.