Almost two years ago in January, I found myself once again – for probably the millionth time – dissatisfied with my body. I got out of the shower, stood in front of the mirror and wasn’t really happy with what I saw. My belly was the size of my six-months-pregnant neighbor, my arms very flabby and overall posture the wrong side of beautiful. I never had problems with loving myself and was even in a committed relationship at that time – it’s easy to see why I stopped paying attention to physical activities and dieting. So, not wanting to lament any more and, more importantly, wanting to look good in a swimsuit that summer, I did something that was, looking back now, actually the best decision I’ve ever made.


Changing the Logic

No, I didn’t get my stomach stapled nor paid an enormous amount of money for a surgical solution, but I knew that simply joining the local gym wouldn’t do the trick. I have been active in the gym on several occasions previously, but never has this produced any significant results. Having given this more thought than before, I managed to realize the problem and pinpointed what I have been doing wrong: I did go to the gym, but I ate poorly, so my eating regiment did not follow the training regiment. Therefore, I had to do something about my diet and eating habits – in order to change the “outside”, it was necessary to change the “inside” first. So, I instead of paying a visit to the gym, I paid a visit to a nutritionist.

How To Get A Perfect Look For Summer

Five Meals a Day Keep the Fat Away

Since that was my first appointment with a weight expert for the first time in my life, I didn’t know what to expect. Are they going to criticize me, am I going to be ridiculed, what are they going to say and is this going to get me into a tankini in August? A nutritionist is still a professional advisor and something closest to a doctor in this area and, no, I wasn’t criticized or ridiculed. What I did get was a new diet and a daily menu – five meals every day with specific food to be eaten at the specific hour of the day. Not to be messed with, not to be changed, not to be altered and absolutely not to be stepped away from. It was quite hard and it was tempting and problematic, but after two or three months, I got a hold of it and – long story short – reduced my weight by ten kilograms by the end of May. Finally, I could go to the beach and prepare for the summer vacation!

How To Get A Perfect Look For Summer

What and why else?

Admittedly, there are a lot of people who find it hard to abide rules and cannot follow a strict regiment. Lucky for those people, there are other options: training in the gym all day long, engaging in a sport or other challenging activity, or the aforementioned stomach stapling. All of these are efficient and produce results, and if you have weight problems, don’t hesitate for a moment and quickly choose the one that suits your preferences. If you want to have a great body for the summer and look your best at the beach, any of these will get you there. However, losing weight is more that good looks. Yes, being the center of attention on the sand is probably the greatest feeling one might experience during the summer, but you should do it for your health, vitality and, if you are a member of the fairer sex, because of the swimsuit. Ladies, you know how important it is to show your progress and feel feminine while on the beach.

Due to that, it’s important to choose a bathing suit according to your physique and body type and, in case that’s what you feel like this summer, tankini swimwear might be perfect for you. This piece combines a tank top that can successfully hide your not-completely-perfect areas, and a bikini bottom part that will present your perfected legs to the world. After all, you can try and lose the weight, but it won’t be noticed if you don’t choose the right outfit – all of us know people who they looker like they weigh much more, or much less, than they actually do just because they don’t dress according to their body type. So, choosing the perfect swimsuit really is the final step in a woman’s transformation: not only is she healthier and happier, but she looks more attractive, which, in return, makes her even happier and more satisfied.


Honestly, it doesn’t matter which weight losing technique you choose or how long it takes. If it makes you healthier, brings you to a desired result and, like in my case, makes you smile when in front of a mirror – or on a beach in the perfect swimwear – you have done the job right.