The renegade rapper always maintains the rapport of giving hard-hitting interviews. The recent stint with BBC1 was no exception either. Eminem was candid and fast in refuting false claims, and acknowledging the changes in his life. The rapper was talking to interviewer Zane Lowe about his recent album ‘The MMLP2’. The chat lasted around an hour and BBC made it a point to make the interview available on Youtube. There was some very frank assessments from Eminem in the chat, offering a good insight into the workings of his mind.

As the turn of events turned out, Zane Lowe’s last interview was with Kardashian beau Kanye West where the rapper claimed to be the biggest rock star in the world now. Eminem was quick to referencing it in a quirky turn of words where he expressed his plans on one-upping his competitor. Eminem was quick to shock Zane in proclaiming that he was just planning on visiting the BBC premises and leave after peeing on the floor. The rapper went on to confirm that he was peeing on the floor right then. However, thank goodness, the camera never confirmed his claims. Viewers could only see him up-waist. Speaking of Youtube viewers, usual in their sarcastic specialties, many of them rapped the rapper on his hair color and reported plastic surgeries.

Discussing MMLP2, Eminem described that he followed a different approach in writing the songs. He explained that MMLP2 is a concept album, bound to create a new fast vision in the audience through its strong presentation. The MMLP2 is a deviation from his last releases as they were constantly churning an evolving idea with each new beat. In fact, the rapper described that the new album is a sequel to his 2000 breakthrough album, the Marshall Mathers LP. The singer described that maintaining this long sequence of continuity from 2000 to 2013 required him to write dozens of songs. He confirmed the choice of only the selected songs that he thought best fit to maintain the extended continuity. This probably would disappoint many of his fans thinking about the many unreleased songs.

Eminem also opened up on Stan, his mentally unbalanced counterpart creation. He revealed that although it was fun to write on Stan from one song to another, but he killed him eventually. Although there is still a huge demand in the music world to bring Stan to life, Eminem confirmed that there would be no Stan 2 in his latest album. Instead, the latest release would try to take the audience down nostalgia lane to 13 years ago, connecting the time gap through his beats.

The rapper also was forthright in explaining how he never wanted all the fame and glory. He says his only objective was to stabilize his musical career and get good respect from his peers. Now he regrets his celebrity status preventing him from going out to get even a sandwich without much commotion. Finally, in a rare moment of revelation, the rapper said that he is enjoying his drug-free days now as he can connect better with his audience than the days of addiction. The singer has been five years sober till now.