Justin Beiber, the Canadian teenage heartthrob, is apparently addicted to a slew of drugs, the most concerning of which is lean (also known as sizzurp) and people close to the star are apparently urging him to seek help.

Lean is essentially codeine and promethazine mixed into some sprite with a Jolly rancher (I guess for coloring?) and can really screw you up if it’s used long term (Or you know, at all). It can give the user seizures and can do much worse, like kill you. He’s reportedly also taking prescription drugs like Xanax.

Justin Beiber On Drugs

He’s also heavy into pot and drinking, which isn’t near as bad in my opinion. At the very least it isn’t quite as dangerous to his health.

Apparently we should have all known; it’s not like he tried to hide it – Check out this photo obtained by TMZ of the skate ramp in the backyard at his house. It’s clearly been tagged with a little picture of a Styrofoam cup and the words “double cup”. Apparently that’s code for his drink of choice with double the codeine in it (I just can’t keep up with the kids and their slang nowadays).

His friends are concerned about him and have urged him to go to rehab, but so far no luck. Hopefully the issue becoming public knowledge will help him make the right choice.

I mean, I get it. Kids are gonna be kids, they’re going to experiment. But that stuff is beyond dangerous. On the plus side (I guess), the same credible sources that are selling him out on this matter, assure that the star doesn’t and has never done cocaine.

I give credit to the people that are speaking up. It’s not easy to sell out your friends period, and I’d imagine it’s worse when that friend is a worldwide celebrity. But the kid obviously needs help, and hopefully this’ll be the thing that pushes him over the edge. He’s a role model for young kids, and the last thing they need to be doing is drinking codeine to be cool. When I was a kid, my biggest copycat decision was while Spice Girl to model myself after (and I think I had a run at each one before deciding being myself was way cooler). Best of luck to Justin – We’ll keep you posted as the story progresses.

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