It looks like Jersey Shore star Jenny “JWoww” Farley and her man Roger are going to have a little guidette running around in a few months!

She reveals the news in the new issue of US Weekly, saying “I pictured a boy this whole time, so when I saw ‘girl’ on the paperwork, I was like, ‘No way!’ But deep down I think I knew. [Snooki’s son] Lorenzo is gonna have a BFF, and I couldn’t be happier!”

It’s gonna be an adorable baby girl (Roger and Jenny are both good looking people) and she’s going to be more than well taken care of (Have you ever seen they way either one of them acts with Lorenzo on Snooki & JWoww?).

JWoww and Roger - "It's a Girl!"

The couple’s already engaged, so…

Place your Bets. Folks!

Do you think they’ll have that baby in or out of wedlock? Personally, I’m betting the baby will come first. Why? Because as much as I think she’s gonna be a spectacular mom, JWoww is still JWoww – She’s going to want to look as good as she can in that wedding dress, and she’s not going to want to look back on those wedding pictures and see herself inches away from calfing a kid. I think that if that was their plan, they’d have gotten hitched as soon as she realized. I could be wrong though.

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Getting back to the little bundle of joy, I have no doubt that she’s not going to want for anything. I give it three years max before we see her walking around in those toddler heels (think Suri Cruise, but with highlights and a spray tan). Roger seems to have his shit in order though, so he could be what keeps the family grounded. I don’t think there’s a man out there that’s more ready to be a father though, and I genuinely think I might be happier for him than I am for them as a unit (and trust me, I’m thrilled – The definitely deserve this).

I hope they give her a normal name, too. Too many celebrities are setting their kid’s up to be made fun of nowadays (Apple – WTF?! I know there’s worse names, but that one seemed to be the beginning of the end when it came to naming your child properly). I know I don’t have the most “normal” name, but at least I wasn’t named after a food or object (Blanket – there’s another one).