Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are far from modest when it comes to their personal lives. And since the musician proposed to the Hollywood starlet on her 33rd birthday. we can’t expect that their wedding is going to be any exception. But how far is too far exactly when it comes to expenses?

Because this is the Yeezus artists’ first wedding, his plans are to make sure it’s a day the world will remember. Since he’s marrying his queen, why shouldn’t they exchange their vows at a French palace? Furthermore, why shouldn’t that ceremony feature acrobats and fire eaters? And you just know Jay-Z probably has some sort of concert planned for the couple on their big day.  Why not? It’s not as if the couple has to work with a budget or anything. It’s even been reported that he wants to rent elephants for the big day to transport him and his blushing bride to the nuptials. But Kim may have other plans.

She’s been married and divorced twice already. In 2000, when she was just 19 she ran away and eloped with music producer Damon Thomas. The marriage ended after three short years when he filed for divorce. Kim says the relationship ended because of emotional and physical abuse. Almost a decade later in May 2011, she announced that she was engaged to NBA pro athlete Kris Humphries, but that marriage only lasted for 72 days before it was annulled citing fraud as the reason it didn’t work. Many people thought that it was a publicity stunt from the get-go, and their suspicions were confirmed when her former publicist said that the marriage was indeed a sham as everyone thought and the pair did it to get money. Kim has always stated that the pair did love each other, and that the marriage just didn’t work, and sued the publicist on false claims. This time, she wants the wedding to be a low-key event. Maybe she really wants it to work this time.

Will Kanye respect Kim’s wishes to keep things quiet (keep in mind, Kim’s version of quiet is probably still much more lavish than you or I could even begin to dream of)? Will he become such a Groomzilla that Kim won’t be able to take it anymore? Do you think the couple will even make it to the big day or is the stress of it all bound to doom this Hollywood couple’s lifetime commitment before it even starts? Let us know what you think in the comments!