The following post is strictly opinion based – Much like the show – and is more meant to create an open dialogue than attack anyone.

Last night’s episode was primarily about ADHD – something I have relatively strong feelings about. Kristen and Ryan’s son Boyd seems to be having some issues concentrating in school and so his teacher suggests to them that they take him to go and see a child psychiatrist who immediately after only one appointment decides that the kid needs to be drugged to function properly.

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Very rarely do I side with Ryan (In most cases I feel like the show would be better off without him), but in this case I think that he was absolutely justified in not wanting to put his kid on meds for being a regular modern kid. I have to give props to the family (Everyone but Kristen, who thought that because the psychiatrist is a Dr, he/she had to be right) for trying to find alternatives. Vanessa goes the yoga/rhythmic drumming route (after trying to feed the kid full of coffee, which I wholeheartedly disagree with). But Mike is the one that hit the nail on the head – He builds an ice rink in the backyard so that Boyd can get rid of his excess energy, which is exactly what the problem seems to be as the teacher sees an immediate improvement in his behavior.

I couldn’t agree with this sentiment more. It seems that everyone’s immediate reaction is to medicate a kid who’s a little hyperactive. But think about it – Most kids spend 95% of their time holed up in their houses playing video games. If they actually went outside and played like we used to – You know, burned off the excess energy they have – they’d be entirely too tired to drive their teachers and parents crazy.

What’s that? You live in a place where it’s unsafe for your kids to go out and play? That’s what they make gyms and extracurricular activities for – think soccer, baseball, dance class, gymnastics, etc.

In the interest of full disclosure; I don’t have kids myself (yet), but I’ve babysat enough of them to know that most of the “problem kids” just need something to do. Now, I’m not saying that no kid needs medication to function properly, I just don’t think it should be the first solution everyone jumps to.

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