You see them in movies and red carpet events. Sometimes, you see them endorsing a variety of products and services, too. Indeed, we are living in an age where celebrities play a very influential role, not only in our choice of entertainment, but also in the stuff we spend our money on.

Celebrities have traditionally been prime choices for commercial endorsements. Their mass appeal and instant recognizability allow them to make promotions and be listened to. When done right, their endorsements can warrant quick conversions and in the process boost profits.

However, apart from commercial endorsements, celebrities are also the top choice in promoting certain causes or advocacies. In fact, these days, it is almost a requisite for any famous media personality to be involved in any non-profit cause, movement, or organization. Some of these advocacies include poverty reduction, ethical treatment of animals, finding a cure for AIDS and cancer, stopping violence and wars, as well as improving road safety.

Mobilizing Celebrities' Star Power For Road Safety

Numerous celebrities signed up to serve as spokespersons in renewing the call for greater road safety measures. In this regard, they use their celebrity status in bringing light to the alarming statistics relating to deaths and injuries caused by driver, conditions related and road marking mishaps.

Among those who have lent their name and voice in this cause is global superstar Michael Schumacher. Best known for his achievements as a Formula One race track champion many times over, Schumacher is a supporter of the Make Roads Safe campaign. This is an international initiative which seeks to increase “public and political awareness” to the dangers of road accidents by making it one of the sustainability agendas of both the G8 and the United Nations. He joins fellow celebrity Paul Weller in promoting this initiative.

In the UK, a number of celebrities have also been vocal about their support for the road safety charity movement called Brake. These include Formula One racing driver Eddie Irvine, actor Daniel Brocklebank, reality TV star Craig Phillips, singer Natasha Hamilton, media personalities Adrian Chiles and Nick Ross, as well as bemedalled athletes Nicole Cooke, Danny Crates, Elise Sherwell, and Andy Tennant. Together, these public figures call for greater collective responsibility when driving.

Similarly, numerous celebrities pledged their support in aiming for safer roads through the Decade of Action for Road Safety. Launched in 2012, the movement aspires to curb the number of casualties and injuries on the road, particularly among the youth, by highlighting the need for road safety measures.

Leading the prominent figures list are UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and UK Prime Minister David Cameron. Music sensation Bob Geldof, football legend Gary Lineker, as well as Formula One champs Jensen Button and Sebastian Vettel have publicly shown their support for the cause, too.

With celebrities lending their star power to promote road safety, it is presumed that more people are likely to pay attention and listen to the message being imparted. After all, if prominent people can move the sales of goods, there’s no reason why they couldn’t use their influence to call for safer roads and in the process reduce unnecessary casualties.