Aaron Sorkin, one of the hottest names in Hollywood screenwriting, is now taking his unique style behind the camera lens with his upcoming directorial debut, ‘Molly’s Game’. The film is based on the autobiographical book of the same title, written by none other than the notorious poker princess of Los Angeles herself – Molly Bloom. It was only a matter of time before Bloom’s unusual story was adapted for the screen. The talented skier and gifted businesswomen spent almost ten years in a very unconventional profession…one which involved some of Hollywood’s biggest A-list celebrities, nonetheless.

Molly's Game: The First Real Poker Flick In A Decade

Bloom was a 26-year old cocktail waitress before she took on a job as hostess to an exclusive underground poker game for high profile, and even higher stake, players. At first, she worked in the background whilst tending to the businessmen and mafia guests who frequented her games. Gradually, she became centre to the events – famous as the face of, and mastermind behind, the most exclusive poker nights Hollywood had to offer. Her guest list eventually included actors as famous as Tobey Maguire, Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCpario and Matt Damon. At the height of her career, she was earning $2 million a year from hosting these poker games – that’s until she was arrested in the middle of the night by seventeen gun-wielding FBI agents.

Bloom grew up in an suburban, protective family with parents that had high expectations as to what she and her siblings should achieve in life. It was an upbringing which taught her to be determined. In Hollywood, Bloom worked hard to get what she wanted – and she never took ‘no’ for an answer. ‘Molly’s Game’ is her tale of having gone from waitress to millionaire in a very short space of time, with hilarious dirt-dishing anecdotes about celebrities along the way. Her story reveals as much alluring glamour as it does distasteful excessiveness found in Hollywood’s underground poker world. Above all, her story is about a clever young girl who uses wit and charm to pave her way in the world.

Sorkin, who seems to have thing for biopics, might have seen ‘Molly’s Game’ as an opportunity to revisit the previously popular genre of ‘poker flicks’ – the most notable movie of which actually starred one of Molly’s regular guests, Matt Damon, in ‘Rounders’. Will Aaron Sorkin be the one to rejuvenate the poker flick genre? Stars are understandably eager to work alongside Sorkin after his award-winning work on movies such as ‘The Social Network’ and ‘Steve Jobs’. Already confirmed for the cast is Idris Elba, Jessica Chastain, Michael Cera and  Kevin Costner. With the combination of a talented cast, the current-day popularity of online poker, Sorkin’s acclaimed writing and the irresistible gossip Bloom shares in her book – it seems a safe bet to say that the success of this film adaption is practically guaranteed. The movie is scheduled for release late next year – however it remains unclear as to whether Affleck, Maguire, DiCpario or Damon will make any cameo appearances. Considering some of the unflattering revelations made about them in Bloom’s book, it does seem rather unlikely.