Who would have thought our favourite celebrities have luck on their side? Already graced with looks, fame and fortune, we have discovered a more interesting side to some of the worlds most recognized actors and actresses and some of the names will leave you floored!

Pamela Anderson

The Baywatch beauty not only has a lucky hand at poker, but she also has her very own slots machine game designed after the beach series. The blonde bombshell has been spotted at some of the most notorious land-based casino establishments in the world. The paparazzi snapped her pic enjoying more than just one game; it’s only a matter of time before she is spotted again.

Charlie Sheen

It’s no secret that Charlie has a love for high stakes; and he undoubtedly has a lucky streak. Gambling since he was in his 20’s, the Two and a Half men actor won his fair share of poker games and is even rumoured to be obsessed with placing bets on the smallest details when among his entourage.

Ben Affleck

The famous actor not only has a lucky streak, but he was also banned from one of the top casinos for counting cards. The actor has a passion for numbers and cleverly implemented his knowledge to his love of poker.

Shannon Elizabeth

This fashion model and actress most famous for her role in American Pie, has been spotted playing a lucky hand in a Las Vegas tournament circuit. The former model has cashed four times in the WSOP, which is one of the biggest poker events in the world and equally impossible to qualify for.

Brad Garret

The biggest guy, both in gambling and known for his comedy sitcoms, has a love for casino table games and although he hasn’t taken part in any massive poker tournaments, he has been snapped at poker tables throughout his famed career.

Ray Romano

Of course, Ray and Brad have gotten together for a few friendly hands as the two actors were co-stars in Everybody Loves Raymond. However, Ray has taken his luck further by competing in the WSOP every summer since as early as 2007, proving his luck never fails.

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