Best and Worst Recent TV Series FinalesHow do you define a television series? Is it determined by the popularity of particular TV catch phrases? One way to rank TV series is by the success of season and series finales.

Over the last decade, TV series have left viewers dissatisfied or content with the season or even series finales. This leaves us asking several questions. For example, why are the better TV series on premium networks such as HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, AMC and not major networks such as NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX?

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What are the best and worst series finales? Warning there are potential spoilers below!

Homeland (Showtime)

The 2nd season of Homeland left viewers astounded, confused, and wanting more after the unexpected CIA bombing. Yet, the recent 3rd season finale of Homeland left followers disappointed and somewhat confused. The series tends to produce very drastic ups and downs that lull viewers asleep and then wake them up with a bang. If Showtime wants to continue to rope in the viewers with their new leading series, they need to offer more of a cliffhanger in the final episode. Ten episodes per season isn’t a lot, especially when waiting an entire year or the next season.

Game of Thrones (HBO)

This powerful series has one of the largest followings. HBO continues to dominate home televisions with the complicated plots, unexpected events, and science fiction of the world of dragons and knights from George R. R. Martin’s book series. Although the show continues in the tradition of the books of killing off major players such as Ned Stark, Rob Stark and his wife, the most recent season left fans who read the book wondering why scenes and major events were left out.

If the television series truly follows the books, why were the deaths of two major characters ignored in the final episodes, especially the season finale of the show? The death of Rob Stark was gruesome, sad, and awful, but it wasn’t enough! But Game of Thrones provided enough power to have viewers extremely eager for the next season to premier in March.

Breaking Bad (AMC)

Did Walter White have to die? Could he have disappeared and become the father in Malcolm in the Middle? The writers of Breaking Bad performed pure magic in the series finale this past summer. The show made viewers hold their breath, love and hate the main characters, and it ended the series perfectly with the eventual death of the main character. Breaking Bad took AMC to new levels and it will be remembered for it’s wonderful job at providing stunning season finales. Anyone remember when Jesse killed Gale when he opened the door? Walt White blowing up the major drug king pin Gus? Vince Gilligan is truly a master of TV drama.

Weeds (Showtime)

Numerous followers of the 8 season show were devastated by the series finale. It gave fans nothing to be satisfied with. The jump ahead future look how each character’s life turned out was lazy. Ignore the final season of Weeds.

Dexter (Showtime)

The writers and producers of Dexter are known for leaving fans surprised, shocked, and excited for the next season. Who saw Rita’s death at the end of Season 4? Did anyone anticipate Deb killing LaGuerta in Season 7? Dexter always manages to save the day and survive.

Yet, the series finale of Season 8 seemed uninspiring. Yes, Dexter survived, but should he have? With Hannah taking care of Harrison and Dexter alive, that leaves the story line open. There is no real closure evident. Also, the death of Deb was downright lazy. Perhaps she was another victim of Dexter, but it didn’t live up to the hype that past season finales created.

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