The four aged little girl, named Abbey is suffering from the fatal disease, leukemia which has just snatched the most of the happiness of that little girl. Her happiness is surrounded in the corridor and the cabin of the hospital. But this little baby may be not aware of her fatal disease and the short life. She just wants to spend her life happily with her loving parents and also with her friends with a very joyous mood. In the hospital, she also cheers up the stuffs of the hospital with her various childish works. Whole event was telecasted on canada news live .

The Biggest Joy Of The Little Girl

However, one day, Abbey’s mom asked her what she wants to do to remain always happy? Little Abbey just replied that, she wants to marry! Her mother just entertained with her daughter’s speech. Though it was just a funny conversation between the mother and her daughter, but Abbey’s mother just wanted to make her baby happy how many days she alive. She also asked her who the guy whom Abbey wanted to marry . Surprisingly, she took the name of Matt, who was the male nurse of the hospital,    where Abbey was getting the treatment for leukemia.

Matt is that guy who used to work in the Albany medical center as a male nurse. He had the duty of the children’s ward. Not only to serve the patients, is their duty also to make the children all time happy and a joyous mood. However, as the male and female nurses are very careful both for the patients’ health and mentality, the children like them a lot.  As Matt is one of them and gave his best effort to Abbey, her childish mind took him as her best friend and exposes her wishes to marry Abbey, In spite of knowing about her shortest life.

Abbey and Matt’s marriage just become the hot topic of the City and the country too. By knowing the daughter’s wishes, Abbey’s mom talked to Matt and requested to Matt to fulfill her daughter’s last wish. However, this American guy is so much kind enough that he agreed the poor mother requested and married Abbey with the full ritual and customs. However, though this four year baby even doesn’t know about the real meaning of the marriage, she just gladly accepted that she got her best friend as a life partner forever.

The hospital authority arranged a very beautiful decoration for this marriage. They gifted the wedding gown to the little bride and the suitable dress to the groom also. They also captured the snapshots and videos also and uploaded to the social media too. It is a surprising matter that about 24,00,000 viewers watch that video and liked that. They also blessed the married couple a long, happy life. The little cute bride was also seemed to be very happy to have this marriage in this very early age. It is only hoped that, how long she lives, just live a better life with the best treatment. You can get more information on these topic by watching cbc news lives stream.