When it comes to movies, there are many different genres out there with something to suit all tastes and preferences. From animation and children’s films through to romances, comedies and horrors, there is certainly plenty of choice available. One movie genre that continues to enjoy huge popularity is sports based movies. From comedy sports movies to tragedies and dramas, it seems that many people simply can’t get enough of watching sporting films on the big screen.

These are movies that cover a wide range of different sports, from boxing and martial arts through to horseracing and football. These are films that have made us laugh, made us cry, and in some cases kept us on the edge of our seats.

The Huge Popularity Of Sports Based Movies

Some of the top sports films

We’ve come to know and admire Sylvester Stallone over the years for his starring role in the Rocky movies as hotshot boxer Rocky Balboa. Well, he’s managed to put himself firmly back on the map recently after returning to the big screen as his famous character in the movie ‘Creed’. In this 2015 movie he becomes a trainer for the son of his former rival and late friend, Apollo Creed. The film received great reviews from audiences and perhaps even rekindled an interest in this sport, as the earlier Rocky movies did.

Also enjoying huge popularity was the series of ‘Karate Kid’ movies, which were a firm favourite amongst viewers in the 1980s. People of all ages seemed to thrill to watch as the wonderful Mr. Miyagi taught the shy, bullied Daniel how the perfect the art of Karate. The movies are still considered classics today. The first movie from 1984 cost around $8 million to make but grossed close to $91 million at the US Box Office, which was a testament to its popularity. It also catapulted the young star Ralph Macchio to global stardom.

Made in 2003, ‘Seabiscuit’ was another popular sports based movie that reflected our love of horseracing. Nominated for an Academy Award, this movie was the true story of the championship racehorse from the 1930s and 1940s. Like the horses taking part in Friday 18th March’s Gold Cup at Cheltenham this year, Seabiscuit wowed the crowds with his racing prowess. Racing fans that enjoy spending time at the track and even placing a bet on Gold Cup betting sites like Coral are certain to love this movie if they haven’t already seen it.

Of course, sports movies haven’t always been serious – there are many comedy ones that have enjoyed huge popularity. This includes the 1998 movie ‘The Waterboy’ starring Adam Sandler. This movie tells the tale of a waterboy for a college football team, who actually turns out to be a fabulous tackler and goes on to become a member of the team.

There are many other sports movies covering a range of different sporting activities, many of which have enjoyed great success at the box office. No doubt, sports fans – and even those who don’t particularly watch live sports – will continue to enjoy this genre for years to come.