If you think marketing is universal, working the same way across all the different mediums, you are mistaken. Different platforms attract different people, so businesses have to fine tune their promotional offers to fit the needs (and raise the interests) of their target. When it comes to the big online, they have a seemingly easier task, being able to better target their audience. But not all methods work the same.

Here are the five promotional methods that have stood the test of time, which you will most likely run into more often during 2016.

Promotion: Free Digital Content

Who uses it: bloggers, content creators

The Top 3 Promotional Methods You Will Run Into This Year Online

Email was almost killed by social media and other methods to keep in touch – but it has survived the fight and it has emerged stronger than ever. Digital marketers have rediscovered its importance, and have once again started to grow their newsletter subscriber base. And they also found the perfect method to attract new subscribers: by offering them valuable content free of charge.

Free ebooks, videos or webinars are being offered everywhere in the big online. All you have to do in return is to provide your email address, which will be used to keep you informed of any new content released by the respective blog. It’s a “quid pro quo” situation – you get something free, and the content creator gets a new subscriber.

Expect this type of promotion to become more widespread this year.

Promotion: Online Contests

Who uses it: real money online gaming platforms, webshops, whoever sells

Last summer I’ve seen an amazing promotion at the Royal Vegas: it had 50 7-day Caribbean cruises (for two) up for grabs. All you had to do in return was to download Royal Vegas online casino, register an account, deposit some cash and play. All new and existing Royal Vegas players participated in the contest, and each of them had the chance to win a range of rewards. Surely a promotion to attract your attention.

The Royal Vegas has several similar promotions each year. In 2015 its players had the chance to win one of five amazing vacation experiences, a brand new Porsche and tons of cash. Expect more of these to emerge this year.

Promotion: Guest Content

Who uses it: everyone with something to promote online

There are multiple reasons why traditional advertising methods don’t work anymore. One of them is banner blindness, where people unconsciously ignore any type of advertising banners. The other is the rise of ad blocking software on several platforms. So, marketers need to turn to a variety of alternative methods.

Writing guest posts on relevant websites is one of them. This is advantageous for every party – publishers get free quality content, marketers get exposure, and readers are informed. You’ll most likely come across an increasing number of such pieces this year.