Streaming music is taking over as a new way of life. Now you don’t need to own a cd to enjoy your favorite songs, and a specified playlist doesn’t have to define your exercise routine. Streaming music allows individuals to select preferred genres of music without putting in a lot of effort or getting bored. Below are some outlines of a few different music streaming services.


Grooveshark is a free streaming music service. The audio quality of Grooveshark is acceptable, and it’s unique, extremely desirable feature is song rewinding capability. Unfortunately, Grooveshark does not network with personal iTunes libraries. Grooveshark is available through web interface and on mobile apps for iPhone and Android. You can sign into your Grooveshark account through some social networking sites, which is a plus for users who want to share what they’re listening to.


Rhapsody is one of the older music streaming services, so it is available for PC, iPhone, and Android as well as many other portals. Rhapsody makes it easy to share music with your friends through Facebook and Twitter updates. Rhapsody’s music catalogue is remarkably large, so for people who really appreciate variety, Rhapsody is a great option. Rhapsody’s premier option costs $9.99 per month.


Spotify has a free introductory version and premium options available for $9.99 a month that allow listeners to listen to entire albums, create playlists, and listen to what others are listening to. Spotify is available for iPhone, Android, PC, and a variety of other listening outlets, and the Facebook integration is another outstanding feature. There are some notable holes in the music library: namely, the Beatles and Led Zeppelin are not on Spotify.


Pandora has grown and improved recently, with ad-free listening and a $36 annual membership option. Pandora allows users to build customized stations based on specific artists or songs, with further customization allowed where one can like or dislike a song. One special feature that Pandora Premium offers is the ability to listen to albums before they hit stores. Pandora also integrates with Facebook so that Pandora listeners can share their preferences with their friends. Pandora is available for Android, iPhone, PC, and many other listening portals.

Google Play

Google Play is a free music streaming service available for Android and web users. Google Play is not available for iPhone users. Google Play allows unlimited skips, which is a plus for people who want to find out what will come up next before a song is finished. Google Play’s sound quality is not as good as some of the other streaming options, but unless one has high-tech speakers this will not be an issue.

Myspace Music

Myspace Music is very unique. Myspace has evolved into a music streaming hub from its previous social media platform. Myspace music streaming is free and offers a different kind of variety from many of the other music streaming services. What makes Myspace so special is that of its 42 million songs, 27 million are by unsigned artists. Some people really love this feature, while others hate it. Myspace Music is available on iPhone, Android, and PC, but it is not available on iPhones in the UK.


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