Home to about half a million people, Manchester is one of the most affluent and renowned cities in the United Kingdom today. It is one of the most visited cities in the UK, next to London and Edinburgh. Here are some reasons why people cannot resist its beauty.

Take a tour around Manchester and be mesmerized by the landmarks, museums and art galleries that reflect the beautiful history and culture of the city. To name a few are the Manchester Town Hall that is known as one of the most important Victorian buildings in England, The Museum of Science and Industry that has a large collection of steam engines, and the Manchester Art Gallery that highlights permanent European paintings.

After the sightseeing, the next best thing to do is have a taste of their food. Do not worry about running out of options because there are many places to choose from. Restaurants and food stalls are found in every corner and each has its own specialties that one will surely love.

Bars and clubs are also common. These places become alive once the night has arrived. The vibrant nightlife in the city is one of the things you should not miss. Over the years, its food and drinks have become a hit among locals and tourists alike. As a matter of fact, people celebrate the Manchester Food & Drink Festival and also the Beer & Cider Festival every year.

Things To Do In Manchester

The natives are also very passionate about music and sports. Bands, indie musicians and sports fanatics, especially of football, are continuously growing. Some of the popular bands in the music scene are The Smiths, Joy Division, New Order, Oasis, The Stone Roses and The 1975. There are two major football teams – Manchester United and Manchester City. The city has already hosted local, continental and international football events at its first class sporting facilities such as the Etihad Stadium.

Lastly and the most important thing to note about the city is its thriving economy. Who would not want to live in such a great place for a lower cost of living? Finding a house or apartments in Manchester is not a problem because housing properties are cheaper compared to London, and many new developments including Vimto Gardens, The Wentwood and Alto Apartments in Manchester mean that the standard of living is always on the up. Travelling within the city is also not a problem because it has one of the best transport systems in the UK.

Looking through the wide array of things it has to offer, Manchester is really the perfect place to live in. Look for your own house or apartment anywhere in Manchester and start to experience a good quality of life.