Well, often this question intrigues a lot. So what do you do in cases where you really need to get a make-up artist and you have least time for the event left?

Well, in such cases, it is important to look beyond the conventional measures to find someone who can get the job done for you.

Things To Keep In Mind While You Hire A Make-up Artist

So let us brood over some of the very helpful tips that will get you the finest make-up artist easily and efficiently.

  1. Go beyond the directory: Most of the able make-up artists aren’t available on yellow pages and directory services, remember to look for innovative portals to look them up. There is this app called UrbanClap India that helps you get quality professionals in no time. It is very easy to look and tailor professionals as per your requirements.
  2. Select as per occasion: Be it a wedding or some other event make up, be sure to set expectations right, do let the professionals know what is expected out of them, and how they are supposed to deliver the quality service, be sure to mention key inclusions of the service.
  3. Ask questions: Once you have found a suitable make-up artist, be sure to ask them questions, as many as you want to know and insist on their inputs about the make-up quality.
  4. Quality of products: Only special events call for hiring make-up artists; so be it a party make-up or anything else, ensure that they use quality products, and the make-up products must be branded and original. A good professional will ensure that they use quality make-up products.
  5. Do a trial run: Only if they are open to it, but most the make-up artists would not have any problem in accommodating your request for a trial run. Generally any established organization will tailor the run and illustrate you their make-up technique and their experience through this trial run.
  6. Insist on portfolio: Now once you are fully satisfied with all other aspects, be sure to ask them for their portfolio, and go through their work for a better understanding. In the UrbanClap app, the professionals by default mention everything about them that usually entails their experience, portfolio etc.
  7. Negotiate: We aren’t asking you to be penny-wise and pound foolish, just negotiate on the rates by a fraction if it works out well, you certainly want to maintain the dignity of the labor at the same time. At UrbanClap, once you hire professionals, you also have the ability to negotiate with them since it all takes place in a very competitive environment, and as you do that, you would inevitably end up finding someone who fits the bill – both in terms of competence, and the budget.

With all this, you should be all set to get someone who really does justice to the amount that you intend to spend for the occasion, and in this, a partner like UrbanClap is truly indispensable, the UrbanClap business model works in such a flawless way that you are bound to get sound professionals quickly and effortlessly.

Apart from it, UrbanClapdoesn’t charge neither you, nor the professional for an exchange, and offers a true platform for displaying and hiring professionals across the board.

If you like their services, then you have the option to rate and review the professionals, so that others who seek their services can subsequently look at it and decide for themselves. With an innovation akin to this, UrbanClap has really made headways to one of the most difficult sphere in India – Hiring Professionals. We wish you all the best in finding an incredible make-up artist that serves your needs.