A garter belt is designed to hold up stockings, a garter belt goes around the waist with four clips dangling down, two for each stocking. In the days of elasticated stockings, garter belts are used more for erotic purposes than any others and as such garter belts tend to be aesthetically appealing and enticing.

The Feel of the Garter

Sexy, sensual and enticing – a garter belt is an extremely feminine alternative to tights. It feels exquisite against your skin and has your partner desperate to remove the belt. Today, garter belts are a great favourite amongst brides who use them to drive their grooms stir crazy.

Most women wear stockings with a garter belt instead of pantyhose because it feels sexy and glamorous. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, wearing stockings is also healthier as reduces the incidence of bacterial or fungal infection. You can find this Garter Belt Online at PrivyPleasures.

garter belt

Ranges and Types

Garter belts along with suspenders and g-string sets come in a huge range of materials, colours, patterns and there is something to excite anyone and appropriate for any occasion.

The belt itself is elastic and easy to find in any size. The garter band that goes around the leg for the most part one size fits all. The more practical belt goes around the waist and is used to hold the pantyhose up while the more decorative is often worn around the leg. For a bride, garter is supposed to bring good luck when worn under the wedding gown.

While a portion of the garter is normally made of elastic, lace and ribbons, satin and silk and often part of the mix. Like all lingerie alternatives, garters are found in all colours with black, white, red and beige leading the choices. Pastel hues are also readily available.

Aside from being made of various types of fabric, there are also many accents like bows, ruffles and boning that are used on garter belts. More exotic belts include chains, studs and buckles

Tips for Purchasing the Perfect Garter

For special occasions, particularly where you have a new outfit, it makes sense to purchase a matching garter.  In many cases, you can purchase lingerie sets which include garter belts.

Keep in mind the purpose for which you want the garter. If you intend to use it only in the bedroom, it isn’t going to be used for any extended period of time and it can be an uncomplicated model with no adjusters. If you intend to use the garter belt to hold up your stockings every day, support and comfort are important and you want to find options with adjustable straps and adjusters.

When garter is meant to keep the stockings up, remember more anchoring points keep your stockings resisting gravity and the urge to bunch up.

Garter belts can be made out of satin, silk, cotton, net, lace, leather and so on and again the purpose of the belt determines the material you choose. The simpler and else embellished the belt the more comfortable it will be over a long stretch. The belt you wear for ten minutes before it gets removed in bed can be faux fur with diamantes!

Prices and Availability

A good garter belt is not inexpensive but it is durable so it is often wiser to invest in one that you can get a few years’ worth of use out of.

The greatest variety of lingerie is available online often made in India. Buying lingerie online from India has the added advantage of home delivery without having to search multiple stores for the perfect garter belt.