Prom is a time of year that almost every high school junior and senior look forward to. It’s a time of great fashion, awesome hair and makeup, and spending time with friends. Make this year’s prom the most memorable occasion of them all by following the four tips below.

The Perfect Dress

Finding the perfect prom dresses for you and your friends helps you all feel and look your best on prom night. Be sure to find one that compliments your body type and coloring so that you stand out above the crowd on the dance floor, at dinner, and in all those prom pictures! When you’re trying on dresses, be certain to bring along a pair of shoes that resemble the ones you’ll be wearing that night to make sure the dress you pick is the right length with your heels.

Day Date

To start off the day you should plan an activity before the dance that night. There are many options such as bowling, boating, mini golfing, horseback riding, hiking, scavenger hunt, and lazer tag. Make sure you talk with the whole group to decide what is the best activity that you will all love. Planning a afternoon activity breaks the ice between you and your date, so you can continue to have a great evening ahead. It’s also nice because then you don’t have to wait around bored all day just anxiously waiting for the evening to come.

Tips To Make This Year’s Prom The Most Memorable Occasion

The Right Ride

Show up to the dance in style by finding the right kind of car to get you there. Whether you choose a ‘50’s classic, a hot corvette, or a traditional limousine, make sure to go with the one that best reflects your personality and style. It’s also important that you make car rental reservations well ahead of time to ensure you get the one you want. The more unusual the car, the more limited the number available so book early to confirm your special prom night ride.


Get prom night off to the right start by picking a great restaurant or burger joint for you and your friends to enjoy dinner. Options include the traditional dinner at a formal restaurant, a quick bite at a fast food chain, or a casual meal at your favorite Mexican or Italian restaurant. Take a vote to see where everyone would like to go and if your choice requires a reservation, make sure to schedule it in advance so there’s room for everyone.


Enjoy every moment of prom by going with a group of your favorite friends. Whether you go with dates or with a group of your best girlfriends, be sure to invite the people you most enjoy spending time with and that you’ll want to remember forever in all your pictures. Be certain to coordinate travel arrangements with everyone you’re going with so that the car you rent is big enough and the dinner venue you’ve chosen has enough seating.

By following the tips above, you’ll be on your way to making this year’s prom one to remember forever!