As a musician, there is no denying you crave the chance to generate income from your music. Yet diminishing royalties have made that increasingly difficult in today’s day and age.

That’s where using music in TV productions and in movies comes into the picture. In addition to bringing in more income, having one of your songs used in a television show or movie can greatly help expand your fan base.

Using Music In TV Productions

We look at the ins and outs using music in video productions in greater detail below.

Where Does Background Music Come From?

According to Stone Productions of Nashville, TN, the vast majority of background music in video production comes from a songwriter’s actual material. In other words, songs from your own albums are placed on television shows and movies. In the world of video production, these songs come to be known as cues.

What is Source Music?

Source music has a close relationship with cues. It’s any music in a video production that is supposed to be coming from a physical source in the scene. It can be a song on the radio, music coming from a jukebox, a tune on a character’s headphones, or even a live band playing on stage.

Many aspiring musicians find this the easiest way to break into video production. The reason is that the clips are often short. It’s far easier to get 5 seconds of your song into a television show than the whole thing.

What Music Works Best?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to using music in TV productions. Nearly every type of music under the sun has been used in a video production at some point. With that said, there are a few types of music that work best.

Focus on the lyrics and tempos of your music. Slow, sad ballads are often the most difficult to place. Instead, it’s best to focus on creating songs that sound similar to the latest hits or classic songs. Video production companies are looking for songs that sound popular without the high price tag.

What Should the Recording Quality Be Like?

If you hope to use your music in a TV production, the recording quality needs to be top-notch. In the vast majority of cases, the music will not be re-recorded. Your music will be used “as is” so make sure the recording is as perfect as possible.

Using your own music in a TV production is the dream of many. While it’s a difficult undertaking, it can be done. Let the information above help guide you in your efforts.