You have a rough idea of the type of fashion you want to follow. The 1930s/1940s classics may be perfect, or you may love the vibrant bold colors of the 60s and 70s. There’s just so much to choose from, and it could be difficult to find ideas to suit your own personal style.

The good news is the difficultness is a thing of the past. Here are four effective ways to find ideas for your personal fashion and style.

 Take a Look at Pinterest

Pinterest is an amazing social media site for fashion ideas. People always put up something new, and you can easily re-pin to save for later. Create your own fashion boards to save for another date, whether you want outfit idea or hairstyle options to try out when you have a little more time. You could even have a craft board so you can make your own vintage fashion.

As you make your items or when you take photos of your own style, post them on Pinterest. Let others see how their ideas worked out on you or what you’ve done to amalgamate their ideas. You’ll soon find that this helps with gaining more Pinterest likes and getting more ideas for your style.

Where To Find Ideas For Your Personal Fashion and Style

 What Are Your Favorite Stars Wearing?

Take a look at the internet for ideas from your favorite stars. They could be musicians wearing costumes on stage, or your favorite actresses hitting the red carpet. Don’t forget to take a look at TV shows, too, as these often have a lot of great costumes that can help you with ideas for your own personal fashion.

You’ll find YouTube great for this. Subscribe to channels and save videos so you can watch them later. Another option is Twitter. Follow your favorites to see what they’re sharing of themselves lately.

Take a Look at Stores

Stores are constantly getting the latest fashion in. It may not be exactly your taste, but it can help you get some ideas for your personal style. Take a look at the mannequins they have in windows with ways they suggest putting items together. You’ll soon start finding that there’s a great top but it would go better with something else on the bottom, for example.

Don’t rule out the charity and good-will stores either. People donate great items to clear out their wardrobe. They’re not only cheap but can work to create the perfect personal fashion for you.

 Facebook Can Help

Another social media site is Facebook. There are a lot of craft companies out there with business pages. Fashion companies have also set up pages and share videos and photos on a regular basis. You can find all sorts of great ideas to at least get you started. How could you amalgamate them to suit your own style?

Are you ready to get out there? Are you ready to find ideas that work for your own personal style and fashion? There’s no reason to be stuck anymore, thanks to the power of the internet.