If you were young during the 90s, then you know for a fact that that is the era when alternative music ruled radio airwaves more than any other music genre. You also know that not much is left of alternative music now that most bands that entertained crowds back then are no more. But is this really something to worry about to feel sad about? Is it really true that alternative music is dead? If that is the case, who killed it or rather pushed it into its demise? Read on to find out the answers to this questions and why the notion that alternative music is dead is wrong.

Why The Notion That Alternative Music Died Is Wrong


The music industry has grown the same way other industries in the entertainment sector have grown. More bands now perform. New blends of music that hardly fall in any of the existing music genres now play in major FM stations. This is growth that was expected. The only downside with this kind of growth is the fact that it sidelined alternative music to an extent that it nearly died. But it really didn’t die. The same people who enjoyed alternative music enjoy bands that are said to have replaced alternative music and eventually killed it. It is therefore safe to allude that fans played a significant role in the downfall of alternative music.

Age Factor

It is normal to lose taste in some things as one advances in age. That is what happened to people who loved and still love alternative music. They did not grow out of alternative music in a strict sense. They just stopped listening to alternative music as much as they did when the genre first came into the limelight. Demand went southwards. Entertainers therefore saw no need to produce more singles or albums. They stopped signing as bands and pursued personal endeavors. One good thing with music though, is the fact that it is timeless. One can still download or even buy albums of alternative music bands that were overly popular in the 90s.

A Resurrecting Genre

Alternative music never really died. One can only say it went on a comma. It is now coming back. It may actually be back with a bang soon. Take a band like Twin Atlantic for example.  The band is made up of members who were each in other bands that made alternative music popular. Anyone in the music industry can tell you for a fact that such bands are always poised for greatness. There is also the fact that there are always upcoming bands always eager to emulate acts of other bands. Should Twin Atlantic take off, other bands will certainly come up and resurrect alternative music in just a few years.

A Strange Generation

The current generation seems to listen to all music genres. One cannot blame them. For starters, that is a good thing because it means they appreciate variety and the value of a good music. It is in fact a common thing today to say modern pop stars collaborating with their senior counterparts from other generations and blending two music genres. A good collaboration between an alternative rock music band and a modern rock band can easily resuscitate alternative music from its deathbed.