The results have been released – Mr. Paul Walker’s official cause of death was a combination of the impact of the crash as well as the flames from the following fire. That answer isn’t good enough though – Does that mean if the car hadn’t caught fire, the guys would have been alright? Obviously, we’ll never know the definite answer to that one, but LA police do want to do the best they can in getting to the bottom of this heart wrenching story and getting answers to the people that deserve them – the friends and family of the deceased men.

LA law enforcement has called in mechanical experts from Germany – the guys that build and work on the Carrera GT on a regular basis – to come tell them what they’re able to with what’s left of the vehicle. The police told TMZ that they want “a full analysis of [the Carrera GT], including brakes, engine and body.  They also want the experts to help determine speed at the time of impact.” Apparently they also want the experts to check the tires of the vehicle. and at least one survived in the tragic accident.

At what point though should one give up on an investigation? Think about it; would you really care at this point what the exact cause of death was? Probably not. Your loved one is gone and Christmas is coming. You have far more important things to worry about. I mean it’s not as if this is one of those “mystery deaths” or anything. They died tragically in a horrific car accident. It sucks, yes, but it really is that simple. While fans will want that closure more than anything else, does it really matter that much?

Apparently so, and that’s cool. Hopefully these guys from Germany will come and take a look at things and be able to tell us exactly what happened on that horrible day – Was it the driver’s fault or did the car malfunction in some way? We already know that this is one of the most unsafe vehicles ever produced and the slightest bump in the road can send the vehicle into such a frenzy even the most experienced driver can lose it.

We’ll keep you posted as the story progresses.

Do you think it was necessary for the LAPD to call in experts from Germany or would they have been better off leaving well enough alone? Let us know what you think in the comments!